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Yes, WordPress has modal dialog and it is called as Thickbox, but I am not sure how flexible it is to implement what you want to. Here is the code - <?php add_thickbox(); ?> <div id="my-content-id" style="display:none;"> <p> This is my hidden content! It will appear in ThickBox when the link is clicked. </p> ...


Did you know you can just copy paste a youtube URL onto its own line and it transforms into a video player auto-magically via oembed? There's no need for embed codes/shortcodes/plugins Simply create a blank line, and take the address of the youtube video and paste it into the editor: These youtube videos should not play automatically WordPress will pick ...


WooCommerce provides what they term as Webhooks - This allows you to make API calls based on certain things happening in the store. The official docs are at http://docs.woothemes.com/document/webhooks/. They essentially send data to the provided URL when the event you choose is fired (so for you, once the order is paid for.


Ok, maybe I asked it too soon ... took a look at it again and gave myself a slap for being so stupid. The widget-config.php is set to update when the page loads so every time it loaded the page it updated the 'example_number' option all you need to do is add if(isset($_POST['submit'])) to it.


In short you want to mach your password with real hash code right. $user = get_user_by( 'login', $username ); if ( $user && wp_check_password( '123456', $user->data->user_pass, $user->ID) ) echo "password Matched"; else echo "Not matched";

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