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As of Wordpress 3.7 a new action named parse_tax_query was added exactly for this purpose. function kia_no_child_terms($wp_query) { $wp_query->tax_query->queries[0]['include_children'] = 0; } add_action('parse_tax_query', 'kia_no_child_terms'); This hook modifies the values of both query_vars and tax_query. Using the pre_get_posts method ...


I assume that the ACF you added to your post type "book" is a "Post Object" with the option "select multiple values" acitvated. So for each book you have, multiple stores can be linked to this one. Here is some code that could help you : <div class="bookdata"> <?php // Get the linked stores // if the ACF is a type "Post Object" and the ...


See Taxonomy Parameters in Codex. First — areas should probably be in your tax_query as well. Second — you probably need to make use of operator argument in queries (inner ones). I am not sure without testing this out but AND seems like it would for more strict matches than default IN for your mandatory types/features logic.

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