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I've often thought this would make a good feature, though I've never seen a plugin for it. I think the term "comment" is probably throwing off your search. I wouldn't think that this would be stored as a comment internally, but rather as metadata for the post. I did a search for plugins using the term "revision description" instead of revision comment, and I ...


I think a better implementation would be a "message" class e.g.: class WPSE_224485_Message { private $_message; function __construct( $message ) { $this->_message = $message; add_action( 'admin_notices', array( $this, 'render' ) ); } function render() { printf( '<div class="updated">%s</div>', ...


You can use get_current_screen() to check on which page you are then make a redirect to specific admin page. get_current_screen() return the screen object like WP_Screen Object ( [action] => [base] => dashboard [columns:WP_Screen:private] => 0 [id] => dashboard [in_admin:protected] => site [is_network] => ...


You can use the action pre_get_posts . Just make sure to check is_post_type_archive('question') and is_admin() to prevent affect queries in the whole website.

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