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When you are adding the menu slug as edit.php?post=706&action=edit, it is adding in the url after admin.php considering it as a new page in admin dashboard (general behaviour of add_menu_page()) So, you should give a fully qualified url instead. I think, admin_url() should help. Try adding admin_url('post.php?post=706&action=edit') Or ...


This could be the answer: http://codepen.io/flesler/pen/AEIFc Just adding the following CSS will make it work like a placeholder: [contenteditable=true]:empty:before { content: attr(placeholder); display: block; /* For Firefox */ } We just need to find a way to add a data-attribute to the contenteditable element in the tinyMCE and also add the ...


OK - this is a very quick fix for now. https://github.com/raffjones/chrome-admin-menu-fix It works by triggering the menu collapse button twice quickly on page load, which seems to stabilise the appearance. I'd be grateful if you could test it.

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