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Yes, sort of. When the get_option call is made, WordPress runs a function called wp_load_alloptions, which either grabs a cached copy of all autoloaded options or loads all those options into the cache. Then wp_load_alloptions returns an array of all the autoloaded options. If your option is autoloaded (specified when you use the add_option function), it ...


I would do this when you call add_options_page(), not later. It's always better to do this with the supported API instead of playing with the internal structures. The plugin updater periodically checks the plugin status and then saves the result in a transient. This means that it only reads this cached status when the menu is created, it doesn't do the full ...


No, only the options that are specifically loaded with autoload set to true See So if it is an option that is needed on every page, when you add it to the db, set autoload=true. After that, just use get_option normally - wp will handle the cacheing etc.


Try this one and use array so input should be something like this <input type="text" name="data[1][time][start]"> <input type="text" name="data[1][time][end]"> <input type="text" name="data[2][time][start]"> <input type="text" name="data[2][time][end]"> .... then save data as array ...


I think that you have added bguru_options option before. If bguru_options already exists, add_option() does nothing. To modify the value of existing options you should use update_option() instead. EDIT I confirm what I thought. You are running add_option('bguru_options', $default_options); in every admin_init. bguru_options option was added to database in ...


You can use get_site_option() function to get single network-wide option. Example : $singleoption = get_site_option( 'siteurl' ); If you want to get all options from all sites use wp_load_alloptions() function. Example : $alloptions = wp_load_alloptions()


There's a bug(ish) report regarding this here: You can use a filter to modify the theme page capability. First you'll want to edit your register_setting() calls to look like this: register_setting( 'map-options', 'map_zoom' ); register_setting( 'map-...


This plugin may help. Allows you to edit, create, and delete roles as well as capabilities for these roles.


You are talking about "Options". These are saved in the *_options table and can be stored and retrieved using a number of Core functions (straight from the Codex page above): Add/Delete Option add_option() delete_option() add_site_option() delete_site_option() Get/Update Option get_option() update_option() get_site_option() ...


Custom fields should be used to store additional details assigned to posts/pages. You should use Options API to store global options. You should use user meta to store additional user details. You can also read this: Best way to present options for home page in admin?

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