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It is not a direct answer for your problem. But I will help you to make image according to your need. When you use add_image_size it does not resize the existing images. it only works for the new images that will be uploaded after adding your add_image_size function. So your code will not generate new images for is_page_template function. But you can use ...


If you want to create thumbs on the fly you can use Aqua image resizer, But there is a drawback of this mini script. The created thumbs will not delete upon deleting image from library. But its not a big deal. If required you can do so via SHH commands


Disclaimer: - This isn't actually an answer. - It is intended to help you with your additional research on the topic. - Furthermore it is reflecting a - at least felt - lately more frequent occurrence of similar questions regarding similar problems. Additional information regarding this topic on Wordpress Development: Removing Image Sizes for ...


This has always been a bugbear for me - the lack of on-demand image sizing, and the subsequent number of files you can end up with if you have lots of sizes! I can see the logic behind your efforts - the trouble is, add_image_size only truly comes into play at point-of-upload. As such, is_page_template(..) will always be false. A quick google dug up Aqua ...


Take a look to this plugin it creates unlimited image sizes (cropped and not) it adds sizes on media select field it adds css filtering and animations it can manage watermarks


You can do this with a piece of the code from the "Post Thumbnail Linking to large Image Size" example on the get_the_post_thumbnail page (using wp_get_attachment_image_src): <?php $image_url = wp_get_attachment_image_src( get_post_thumbnail_id( $post->ID ), 'team-member' ); // actual URL = $image_url[0]; ?>

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