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Using after_switch_theme will activate the theme (which is fine as we want to run the check within the context of the new theme). If the dependencies are not fulfilled ($dependencies_missing = true;) we're going to notify the user via an admin notice and instantly switch back to the theme used previously (passed via after_switch_theme as $oldtheme) ...


Now I know what was the issue. I had the filter by category activated in Isotope settings: filter: '.front-page-tiles' :)! so regular items not in that category was being correctly hidden by Isotope


I found the problem. I didn't realize this was a generic message for pretty much all errors. I stripped everything out of the activation routine (similar to above) and ran it... got no errors. Started adding "stuff" back. And it appears a call to flush() at the end of the activation function trying to force the /wp-content/debug.log to be flushed to disk was ...

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