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SOLUTION: register_activation_hook( __FILE__, 'my_activation_func' ); function my_activation_func() { file_put_contents(__DIR__.'/my_loggg.txt', ob_get_contents()); } insert this code in plugin, and after error, view "my_loggg.txt" inside your plugin folder.


Awesome! This solved my problem. But then I had another. Many people, like me, keep classes in a folder lower than the plugin file that is instantiating them. So you might have in your plugin file: //assumes some kind of autoloading $vsetup = new vsetup; //where there might be a file called 'classes/vsetup.class.php' Well, this is the way I do it, and the ...


Your callback function should run when your plugin is network activated or activated for a single site. Either way, it should be working. However, if you intend for the code contained within your callback to be ran for each blog in your network, then be aware that this will not happen out of the box, instead, the code within your callback will in the ...

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