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You will want to run a find-and-replace script across the database to update all URLs to reflect the new domain. Just because you change the WordPress settings doesn't mean the content stored in the database has been updated with the new domain! I've had good luck with the Velvet Blues Update URLs plugin but you can also do this type of find and replace ...


I cracked it! In my case I first created an author.php page (my theme lacked one) from the archive.php by cloning and cleaning it. Then I found this piece of code: <?php if ( have_posts() ) : ?> It basically says: if the authors has published some posts, then... Well, I just added: "OR NOT!" <?php if ( have_posts() || !have_posts() ) : ?> ...


You can replace the broken functions.php file, recovering it from the original theme package. From the namespace of your error message I can guess that the theme you are using could be this: https://wordpress.org/themes/catch-box Right? I hope it helps.

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