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It turns out that the nginx config that W3 Total Cache inserts if Disk Enhanced mode is enabled will break permalinks, but only if you restart nginx after W3 Total Cache injects the config for Disk Enhnaced mode. Based on birgire's suggestion, I turned off all plugins and checked the site, which started working correctly. I then turned on W3 Total Cache ...


In functions.php function productsPageRedirect_404() { global $post; if( is_page('products') ) { global $wp_query; $wp_query->set_404(); status_header(404); } } add_action( 'wp', 'productsPageRedirect_404' );


It is no only name or email problem, as Tom wrote. I had problem even with input field with name attribute same as one of my Custom Post Types. For example: ... <input type="text" name="movie"> ... And when having registered CPT "movie" somewhere else, your form submitting will end with 404 error. Conclusion: Don't use name, email and any ...

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