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I have an extended image control for the theme customizer that adds in an extra panel and lists images I have hardcoded into the extended control.

Now the issue is that it is not showing up in the theme customizer. I am not receiving any errors, it just isn't showing up. I think the classes and functions are done right, and I am adding the control to the customizer properly so I am out of ideas as to what the issue is.

Could someone take a look and see if they can spot my issue? I have tried extending both the Customize_Background_Image_Control and the Customize_Image_Control with the same results.

function WP_Customize_Background_Image_Control_Defaults($wp_customize) {

 /* Substitute the default control for our new one */
    $wp_customize->remove_control( 'background_image' );
    $wp_customize->add_control( new WP_Customize_Background_Image_Control_Defaults( $wp_customize ) );

    add_action( 'customize_register', 'wp_customize_background_image_control_defaults', 11, 1 );    

   class WP_Customize_Background_Image_Control_Defaults extends WP_Customize_Background_Image_Control {
    public function __construct( $manager ) {

        $this->add_tab( 'builtins', __('Built-ins'), array( $this, 'tab_builtins' ) );

    public function tab_builtins() {

    $backgrounds = array(

            '/wp-content/themes/newtheme/img/backgrounds/background1.jpg', '/wp-content/themes/newtheme/img/backgrounds/background2.jpg', '/wp-content/themes/newtheme/img/backgrounds/background3.jpg', '/wp-content/themes/newtheme/img/backgrounds/background4.jpg', '/wp-content/themes/newtheme/img/backgrounds/background5.jpg'


          if ( empty( $backgrounds ) )

                    foreach ( (array) $backgrounds as $background )
                        $this->print_tab_image( esc_url_raw( $background->guid ) );



Here is the code I am using to add the control to the customizer:

    $wp_customize->add_control( new WP_Customize_Background_Image_Control_Defaults( $wp_customize, 'newtheme_above_footer_background', array(

    'label'      => __( 'Background Image', 'newtheme' ),

    'section'    => 'newtheme_above_footer',

    'settings'   => 'newtheme_above_footer_background',

    'priority'   => 30

) ) );  
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