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i have a xml feed coming into my wordpress site and what i need to do is create a function that automatically assigns categories based on the valus of 2 custom fields

so i have salaryband (name of custom field)and then a second custom field salarayband2

then i have a system for the category ie 10 - 20k 21 - 30k 31 - 40k 41 - 50k

etc etc

So what i want is based on the 2 values in the custom fields select the correct salarycategory


salaryband the value is 23000 and salaryband2 value is 42000

then i need it to select the following categories is this at all possible

21 - 30k 31 - 40k 41 - 50k

Thanks for any help on this im running out of ideas been researching and trialing and erroring for a week nearly all day everyday !


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