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I have a static website which i want to add blog functionality.

There are approximate 10 static html pages in this website, just i want to add seamless blog to this website in wordpress.

I want to convert design in wordpress, then create all pages in wordpress or if wordpress allows static content. Then i want navigation is populated by wordpress so when i add few more page i have to just click pages->add page and it will show in navigation.

There is a javascript image scroller which i want to serve if possible by some post type or any other means, so that if i post 10 images in this image scroller, and turn off 5 of them, i can do that.

Is all this possible in wordpress, dose it affect seo? I get befitted by converting to wordpress as this website is getting top ranking in google for few keyword?

I have knowledge of wordpress, php html css, i can convert html css to wordpress blog layout theme, just i can't figure out how i serve these static pages.

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This is a very broad question and would be difficult to answer in a format like this but I would convert the "static" pages to proper WordPress pages-- something like what is explained here: – s_ha_dum May 15 '13 at 17:31

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Since your website is simple, I think you can achieve this easily by making the web layout & elements in photoshop first then choose a theme and edit the CSS of your chosen theme. if I can suggest, use roots or skeleton theme or even twenty twelve theme

Good luck! :)

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