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I added custom user meta information called "schools" and I want the editors to only be able to manage posts made by other users who are from the same school. How do I do that?

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Hi and welcome, Ronald. You are expected to show research efforts and/or the attempts you made to solve it yourself (see tour, How to Ask, faq). That said, I think you'll need to deal with Roles and Capabilities. Also, check this as starting point. Or maybe Multisite could be used. – brasofilo May 14 '13 at 13:33

You have to filter user_has_cap and compare the user meta fields.

The following code is based on this answer and not tested.

add_filter( 'user_has_cap', 'wpse_99393_filter_cap', 10, 3 );

 * Allow editing others posts only for editors from the same school.
 * Administrators can still edit those posts.
 * @wp-hook user_has_cap
 * @param   array $allcaps All the capabilities of the user
 * @param   array $caps    [0] Required capability ('edit_others_posts')
 * @param   array $args    [0] Requested capability
 *                         [1] User ID
 *                         [2] Post ID
 * @return  array
function wpse_99393_filter_cap( $allcaps, $caps, $args )
    // Not our capability
    if ( 'edit_post' !== $args[0] && 'delete_post' !== $args[0] )
        return $allcaps;

    $post = get_post( $args[2] );

    // Let users edit their own posts
    if ( (int) $args[1] === (int) $post->post_author )
        $allcaps[ $caps[0] ] = TRUE;

    // editor meta field is set and not empty
    if ( ! $editor_school = get_user_meta( $args[1], 'school', TRUE ) )
        return $allcaps;

    // author meta field is set and not empty
    if ( ! $author_school = get_user_meta( $post->post_author, 'school', TRUE ) )
        return $allcaps;

    if ( $author_school === $editor_school )
        $allcaps[ $caps[0] ] = TRUE;

    return $allcaps;
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