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using function is_archive() we can know whether it is archive page or not.

But if it is archive page how can i find whether it is author archive page or category archive or date archive.

I have found this code in wp-includes/query.php

if ( $this->is_post_type_archive || $this->is_date || $this->is_author || $this->is_category || $this->is_tag || $this->is_tax )
$this->is_archive = true;

but dont know how to use it in wp_head action.

Based on archive page category or author or date archive, i want to out put specific meta tags in header.

Any help???

Thanks in advanced. rocks!!

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Use just the functions, not the object properties:

if ( is_post_type_archive() or is_date() )

There are many conditional functions (returning TRUE or FALSE) for exactly these cases.

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brilliant.. i missed them completly.. Thanks exactly what i want. Will accept your answer soon. – Rajeev Vyas May 11 '13 at 12:40

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