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I'm creating a "portal" (wordpress.org) site and I want to pull in some photos from a related wordpress.com blog site. There is a cartoon on each blog post and I want to display the latest one in my portal site. I've tried using using wordpress's standard RSS widget but it only pulls in the article title, no image. I don't want to have to go to the other site to see the image. How can this be done?

Thanks! Corinne

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Corinne, what you are trying to do it to "scrape" some other website. It's use is highly debatable, since, in most cases, it's violating the terms and conditions of the other website and may even violate the image's copyright.

In theory, you need to write a small crawler, that reads the source code of said page, extracts the content (such as an image url) and display that on your page. Since the image itself is not distributed with the feed itself.

If you are running PHP (and I assume you do, since you are running a self-hosted Wordpress site), you may find this tutorial on nettuts quite interesting.

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