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I have an array with the categories and sub-categories I want to import to the "campsite-district-county" taxonomy. My sub-categories are not being inserted with the correct parent. They're being inserted on the root level. After some investigation I come across the information that I needed to clear the taxonomy cache after each insert, so I did but I still have the same problem.

$dist[]=array('Açores','Angra do Heroísmo');
foreach($dist as $d) {
    if(is_array($d)) {
        if ($parent_term=term_exists(trim($d[0]), 'campsite-district-county')) {
            //do nothing - let's add the county bellow
        } else {
            //Adds district
            $parent_term=wp_insert_term(trim($d[0]), 'campsite-district-county');
            echo '<h1>'.trim($d[0]).'</h1>';

        echo '<p>*'.$id_parent.'*</p>';
        //Add county
        $child_term=wp_insert_term(trim($d[1]), 'campsite-district-county', array('parent', $id_parent));
        echo '<p>'.trim($d[1]).'</p>';
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You have error in your PHP. This array('parent', $id_parent) will produce numeric array with two values - string parent and value of $id_parent.

What you actually need is array( 'parent' => $id_parent ) which will produce correct associative array with one entry of key parent and value $id_parent.

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I was just going to delete this post because I found out the error. THANKS! – Marco Almeida May 8 '13 at 20:35

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