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I have a list of words that I placed in my blacklist_key option values update_option( 'blacklist_keys', $words);. But I still can make a comment with such words. Any ideas?

I can't answer my question yet, so here it is. There is no clean way to do this. You have to use a multiline string such that:

$words = 'word1
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I just did a quick test and the comment blacklist appears to be ignored for logged in administrators (possibly other roles). It does effectively block comments when logged in as a subscriber. I suspect that that is the behavior you are seeing.

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No I was able to see them as a subscriber. Now I was just reading link and I realized that my variable $words is an array of strings not a string. Im gonna change this, hopefully it will work. – LouieV May 6 '13 at 14:22

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