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I know this has been asked more than a few times, but... How could I make "mysite.com/whatever/wp-login.php" show up as "mysite.com/whatever/login" for a wp multisite? To clearify, not just redirect to .../wp-login.php, but actually show .../login on login page and url. I have tried every trick and plugin and nothing seems to work. The htaccess doesnt seem to work at all and I believe trying to achieve this in a wp network format is what is trumping it up. So if anyone has any input on this issue I would love to hear about it- Thanks

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What have you tried? Saying you've tried "every trick and plugin" doesn't tell us what you've actually tried out. Also, did you read through this Q&A (from the Related links on the right)? –  Pat J May 6 '13 at 1:23
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