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I want to in insert data in my custom db table when creating a post.

Suppose there are three categories (php, wordpress & jquery). When i create a post in wordpress, i want to insert post id and category id in my custom database table. How can i do this job?

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You hook a function to save_post (for saves and updates) or publish_post for publication only. The second hook is really a variable hook of the form {$new_status}_{$post->post_type} so it will be different if you aren't dealing with a post post type.

function do_on_publish_wpse_98177($id) {
  // your code; $id is the post ID

Make backups and test thoroughly on a development server. It is easy to break things with these hooks.

You can use $id to pull information from the database including category information. You can also access the global $_POST if you need it but these hooks run after the post save so if something has altered (another function) the data saved to the database $_POST might be out of sync.

See also:


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save_post works for me :) Thank you – Shakil May 6 '13 at 12:11

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