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I am aware of creating a shortcode this way:

function font_fam($atts, $content = null){ 
  'f' => '',  
  ), $atts ));

return '<span style="font-family:'.$f.'">'.$content.'</span>';

add_shortcode ('f','font_fam');

And to use it would be like this right:

[f f="Arial"] Text Text [/f]

But is there a way so that it will be used like this:

[f Arial] Text Text[/f]
[f Tahoma] Text Text [/f]

(skipping the "f=")


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Try this:

function font_fam($atts, $content = null) {

            'f' => isset($atts[0]) ? $atts[0] : '' ,
            ), $atts));

    return '<span style="font-family:' . $f . '">' . $content . '</span>';

add_shortcode ('f','font_fam');
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Woohoo! It works! Thanks! – John Feb 19 '11 at 13:41

One way could be to preparse your content by hooking a 'the_content' filter that adds the f= bit.

Another could be to change your shortcodes to something like [Tahoma]...[/Tahoma] and skip the f altogether, although then you end up registering a lot of shortcodes.

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