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Am trying to create a widget that searches for names. The searching and all that is fine, but when I hit submit, I get returned to the front page. I tried messing with the action="", but no matter what I change it to, the widget still redirects to the home page.

Am sure it's simple, I just can't figure out what am doing wrong. Any help is appreciated!


   if( !defined( 'ABSPATH' ) ) { exit;}

   class HNDomainSearchWidget extends WP_Widget 
function HNDomainSearchWidget() 
    $widget_ops = array(
        'classname' => 'HNDomainSearchWidget',
        'description' => 'Search for domains on your site.'
    $this->WP_Widget('HNDomainSearchWidget', 'HobiNom Domain Search', $widget_ops);

// admin form, in the widget page
function form($instance)
    global $wpdb;
    (isset($wpdb->base_prefix) ? $_prefix = $wpdb->base_prefix : $_prefix = $wpdb->prefix); 

$instance = wp_parse_args( (array) $instance, array( 'title' => '' ) );
$title = $instance['title'];
    // allow for updating the widget name
        <label for="<?php echo $this->get_field_id('title'); ?>">Title: 
        <input class="wide" id="<?php echo $this->get_field_id('title'); ?>" name="<?php echo $this->get_field_name('title'); ?>" type="text" value="<?php echo attribute_escape($title); ?>" />

function widget($args, $instance) 
    global $wpdb;
    global $post;

    $referrer = $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'];

    // widget sidebar output
    extract( $args );
    // these are the widget options
    $title = apply_filters('widget_title', $instance['title']);
    $text = $instance['text'];
    echo $before_widget;

    // Display the widget
    echo '<div class="widget-text wp_widget_plugin_box">';

    // Check if title is set
    if ( $title ) { echo $before_title . $title . $after_title;}

    // the actual search get_permalink( $post->ID ); 
    $pid = (isset($post->ID)) ? get_permalink($post->ID) : '';
    //echo '<form role="search" method="get" id="domainsearch" action="' . esc_url( home_url( '/' ) ) . '?search_for_domain" >';
    echo '<form role="search" method="get" id="domainsearch" action="'. $pid .'" >';
    echo '<input type="text" name="domain" value="Domain.com" onfocus="this.value = \'\';" />';
    echo '<input type="submit" value="' . __( 'Search' ) . '" name="search_domain" /><br />';
    echo '</div></form>';

    $this->search_for_domain($_GET['domain'], get_permalink( $post->ID ));

    echo $after_widget;

// update widget options
function update($new_instance, $old_instance) 
    $instance = $old_instance;
    // Fields
    $instance['title'] = strip_tags($new_instance['title']);
    return $instance;

function deactivate()

// process the widget input and search for domain using
function search_for_domain($search_domain, $permalink)
    $referrer = $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'];

        // get details to access
        $hobinom = new hobinom_db(); 

        $current_user_id = get_current_user_id();
        $details = $hobinom->get_details($current_user_id);

        $username = $details['username'];  
        $password = $details['password']; 

        // separate the data from domain and tld
        // explode makes each subsequent . a new array, so domain.co.uk is [0],[1],[2] while domain.co is [0][1]
        $root_domain = explode(".", $search_domain);
        $domain = $root_domain[0]; 
        $tld = substr($search_domain, strrpos($search_domain, ".")+1);

        // access enom api
        $url =  '/interface.asp?command=check&sld='.$domain.'&tld='.$tld.

        // Load the API results into a SimpleXML object
        $xml = simplexml_load_file($url);

            // print all errors
            function recursive_print($item, $key)
                echo '<div id="domain-notavail">'.$item.'</div><br />';
            array_walk_recursive($xml->errors, 'recursive_print');
            // Read the results
            $rrpCode = $xml->RRPCode;
            $rrpText = $xml->RRPText;

            // Perform actions based on results
            switch ($rrpCode) 
                case 210:
                    echo '<div id="domain-avail">'. $xml->DomainName.' is available</div>';
                case 211:
                    echo '<div id="domain-notavail">'.$xml->DomainName.' is not available</div>';
                    echo '<div id="domain-default">Code: '. $rrpCode . ' ' . $rrpText . '</div>';

function hobinom_redirect($permalink) 

 add_action('widgets_init', array($HNDomainSearchWidget, 'hobinom_redirect'));
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A bit of a guess but if the search works but returns you to the home page it sounds like get_permalink( $post->ID ) is not giving you the right values. Look at the page source to confirm. That implies that $post is not set, or not accessible, so put global $post; in your function before you try to use that variable. I'd suggest something like this right at the top of your function:

global $post;
$pid = (isset($post->ID)) ? get_permalink($post->ID) : '';

Then use $pid instead of $post->ID after that.

To the extent that I can test that widget (It calls a class I don't have and the URL to the actual domain search is only partial.) it is operating mostly as expected. This...

  $p = get_queried_object();
  $pid = (isset($p->ID)) ? get_permalink($p->ID) : home_url();

... will get you a little bit better results than the previous block but you are actually redirecting to $referer-- $referrer = $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'];-- not to that permalink anyway. In context, it is a bit confusing what you are trying to do at all.

I don't understand the way you have the widget "registered". I got an error until I altered the last few lines to :

function register_HND_widget() {

add_action('widgets_init', 'register_HND_widget');

Also, you should really have debugging enabled. That code generates a fair number of Notices.

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I changed to just $pid, and the URL becomes: localhost/wordpress/3.5.1/1?search (which is a 404) If I change it to get_permalink($pid), then it again redirects to the front page. – Hybride Apr 29 '13 at 20:57
Was having edit problems. Kept pressing enter for a new line, instead it kept saving while I was still typing. :) – Hybride Apr 29 '13 at 21:00
@Hybride : See the edit. If $post is set correctly and get_permalink is giving you the wrong URL, something is broken. – s_ha_dum Apr 29 '13 at 21:08
Your edit did not work, it sent me back to the homepage. – Hybride Apr 29 '13 at 21:08
Post all of your widget. – s_ha_dum Apr 29 '13 at 21:14

I switched the method="post" and the action="" (rather than get/and a url). For some reason, that fixed it. Am not sure why "get" was having such a hard time, as it still continued to redirect if I switched back the method.

Regardless, thank you to s_ha_dum for trying to help.

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