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A user of a site I built created a new NextGen gallery, and in the process of adding photos to it, "imported" the ../content/uploads folder (which is where all normal media uploads are stored). But then they realised this isn't what they wanted so they deleted the "imported" images from the NextGen Gallery manager.

Now NONE of the images from the uploads folder are there anymore. Many of these were used in the site's CSS and theme files (I will move them to an untouchable location and change the code). But, they are all still in the Media Library (even though when you click on one, nothing loads).

Why did NextGen move (rather than copy) them from the content/uploads folder to the content/gallery/uploads folder?

How can I get them back?

I've tried some undelete and file recovery apps, but many (a good 70%) of the images they find are corrupt or partial images.

Please help!

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If the images were physically deleted from the hard disk that they were stored on and you do not have a recent backup, I am afraid that you are SOL. –  Joseph Apr 29 '13 at 3:26
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