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To use jQuery UI accordion, I need markup like

<h3>Module 1</h3>
   <!-- module content here -->

<h3>Module 2</h3>
   <!-- module content here -->


How can I setup my side bar like that? Or perhaps I somehow change the way jQuery creates accordian, maybe there are some options?

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When you register your sidebar, you can change how it handles those things with the before_title, after_title, before_widget, and after_widget arguments. For example:

  'before_widget' => '',
  'before_title' => '<h3>',
  'after_title' => "</h3>\n<div>",
  'after_widget' => '</div>'

Would make all of the widgets in that sidebar have that structure. You could also add classes to the tags defined there (<h3 class="accordion-toggle">, </h3>\n<div class='accordion-content'>). Just make sure all your widgets have a title; otherwise the widget will cause some tag imbalance.

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