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My sites post permalink structure is "/%category%/%postname%". As default structure, permalink for categories are in this format "/category/%category%" . But, for some reason "{site_root}/%category%" also leads to category page and doesn't show any error. But problem is, while I am on this structured page, pagination doesn't work and leads 404 error.

Example: Both these links are valid/loads OK: a)http://codesamplez.com/category/development b)http://codesamplez.com/development

Try to go to page 2 for the "b" link. Hope you got I what I mean. I need any of the two solution:

1) Fix pagination for these type of category pages. 2) Redirect this type of category pages to original default structured page.

Any of the above solution will work for me. Please let me know how can I solve either of them. Thanks in advance.

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