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I know I have asked a similar question in the recent past (Listing all custom post types using a specific term on the said term's template page, in groups), but in this case, the template is more complicated.

This is what I have on a website's front page.

<!---Front page videos-->
<div class="twelve columns clearfix" id="clips">
<!---Code to output front page videos-->
$paged = (get_query_var('paged')) ? get_query_var('paged') : 1;
$the_query = query_posts(
// ...
" > " rel="bookmark"> 'front-thumb') ); else { ?> " title="" rel="bookmark"> ID, 'jetpack-post-views', true ); ?> ', '' ); ?> '; $count = 0; } else $count++; ?>

Either by using just this template or creating a couple of others, I'm supposed to output results from four different taxonomies called video-categories. How do I do that? I have tried to fix the code I was given two months ago in the linked question, but I was getting errors.

This would more or less save me. Thank you in advance.

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What errors did you get? Also, please try to format your code better. – toscho Apr 23 '13 at 10:10
Hello, I am not sure how to format it right, everything goes wrong. I get the same listing of ALL custom post type items on each page. That's the issue. – Iva Apr 24 '13 at 3:38

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