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I am trying to make a scheduled event which trigger two 'update_post_meta' registered in function_1 and function_2.

Here is the code I have so far.

   function function_1($post_ID=0){
        update_post_meta($post_ID, '_score_1', $score_1); 
        return $score_1;
   add_action ('save_post', 'function_1');

   function function_2($post_ID=0){
        update_post_meta($post_ID, '_score_2', $score_2); 
        return $score_2;
   add_action ('save_post', 'function_2');

This part works perfect, and I can call this action in the content area too. However as I put a wp_schedule_event, it seems not working, probably my lack of understanding. Here is a code in question

    add_action( 'wp', 'hotness_update_activation' );
    function hotness_update_activation() {
         if ( ! wp_next_scheduled( 'hourly_hotness_update' ) ) {
            wp_schedule_event( current_time( 'UNIX_TIMESTAMP' ), 'hourly','hourly_hotness_update' );

    add_action( 'hourly_hotness_update', 'hourly_hotness_update_callback' );
    function hourly_hotness_update_callback() {

        foreach ( $posts as $post ) {
            function_1( $post->ID );
            function_2( $post->ID );    

It does not trigger anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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