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I'm building a plugin that has a meta box. Some of the fields in the meta box are required. Is using Jquery the only method for achieving this? Can I require that a field is filled in using php?


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You can either fill it with a default value, or check if the field is empty, maybe provide the user a notice on that, and don't allow for/apply the default functionality. But maybe you could get a more detailed and useful answer if you provided more information...? – tfrommen Apr 22 '13 at 17:23
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You can use Javascript to create a first-line convenience warning, but that is not a secure solution. You will need to interrupt the post save to truly create a required field.

function req_meta_wpse_96762($data){
  $allow_pending = false;
  if (isset($_POST['meta'])) {
    foreach ($_POST['meta'] as $v) {
      if ('your_required_key' === $v['key'] && !empty($v['value'])) {
        $allow_pending = true;
  if (false === $allow_pending) {
    $data['post_status'] = 'draft';
  return $data;

That will also reset the post to 'Draft' if the meta field is deleted.

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There is no way to require input per PHP. Only the browser can do that, and the browser gets the output after PHP is done.

You can add the attribute required:

<input name=foo required>

But not all browsers support that, and you have to check the value still in your validation handler.

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