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I'm using Wordpress with Thesis 2 installed and I'm building my own design onto the "Blank" skin.

I want to use the Dynamic Content Gallery Plugin on the home page only. I'm using this code to load it (taken from their website, and inserting it into the custom.php file.)

<?php dynamic_content_gallery(); ?>

This will load the plug in on all pages including the Thesis backend, obviously bad. So I've tried using

<?php if( is_home() ) { dynamic_content_gallery(); } ?>


<?php if( is_front_page() ) { dynamic_content_gallery(); } ?>

and neither of these load it at all. I'm pretty lost. I'm using a static front page and the latest version of Wordpress.

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1 Answer

go to Dynamic Content Gallery Configuration click the tab "Load Scripts" configure where you want to show the slider

Read more here: http://www.studiograsshopper.ch/dynamic-content-gallery/configuration-guide/

"How to choose the correct theme template when adding the plugin code" and "How to configure the Restrict Script loading options"

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