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Need to create a user on the fly based on the following steps...

User clicks a link in an email with a unique url such as


when the user clicks through to this link.. they are presented with a registration page... The registration page will have a hidden form field with the value of "1234" (sub-domain part)

The user completes the basic username and password, first name.. etc.. details and click submit...

on submit... want to add the user to the database with an extra column for the sub-domain id.

I've got it all wording to the point of getting to the form to fill in.. but that is where i have a problem.. scoured the web.. for examples of programmatic-ally creating user.. and none seems to actually create a user...

If anyone can shed some light in a simple php scrip that just creates a user and password for wordpress i can manage the rest...

Just can't get a user inserted into WP...

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Please post the code that is intended to insert a user, even if it doesn't work. –  s_ha_dum Apr 21 '13 at 23:11
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