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I installed Jetpack and I activated JSON API. When i try to access my blog it shows following error: { "error": "jetpack_error", "message": "The Jetpack site is inaccessible or returned an error: parse error. not well formed [-32700]" } What i have to do now?

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The error comes from jetpack/class.jetpack-ixr-client.php:

// Now parse what we've got back
$this->message = new IXR_Message( $content );
if ( !$this->message->parse() ) {
    // XML error
    $this->error = new IXR_Error( -32700, 'parse error. not well formed' );
    return false;

It means the server on https://jetpack.wordpress.com/ returned a response that Jetpack cannot parse.

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Well I'm not Wordpress developer. I'm into Android Development. I'm building a mobile app for wordpress blog. I'm just accessing "public-api.wordpress.com/rest/v1/sites/$site"; replacing $site with my blog name, I'm getting this error jetpack site is inaccessible. Similarly I accessed Techcrunch.com public-api.wordpress.com/rest/v1/sites/techcrunch.com This works. –  DroidLearner Apr 21 '13 at 15:49

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