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I am looking at my server settings and these are as follows:

  • WebDav : active

  • FastCGI : inactive

  • SSL support : active

  • Perl as Apache module : CGI-Programm

  • PHP module : CGI-Programm

  • Memory usage : 131072 kB

  • Process timeout : 60 seconds

  • Maximum simultaneous processes : 1024

Using WP-Supercache (mod-rewrite mode) and have around 6,000 posts. Should I enable FastCGI on my server? Any other settings you recommend changing?

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I apologize this should be a comment.

You have to ask yourself if its necessary. I know your asking here for advice, but is your website currently under performing? Is it slow? Are users complaining?

I personally wouldn't recommend FastCGI but there are various other plugins or tools to speed up your website.

I would recommend the following plugins:

Seeing that your already using WP-Super Cache, how is it currently configured?
Maybe more importantly, what is your server configuration? (Hardware, hosting etc.)

I will update and expand this answer to a 'real' answer when information becomes available.

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i have been doing some research - it seems FastCGI doesn't play very nice with Wordpress - any experiences anyone? –  Mario Lorenzo Apr 20 '13 at 13:33
@MarioLorenzo Usually, you don't have to worry how PHP is processed, especially, if you don't have a lot of logged-in users in WordPress. You should probably be concentrating on how to cache the output of PHP / WordPress and other aspects that MeRuud mentioned. –  Pothi Apr 30 '13 at 7:13

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