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I am working on a site with 140+ pages. I had a hit yesterday on the site of some kind and lost a good deal of the navigation menu. I restored the database and site, but the menu was not successfully restored. The full menu exists in the a copy of the site - a testing site and would like to duplicate the menu from the testing site in the live site. I downloaded a plugin 'enhanced menu editor' and made a copy of the menu in the testing site, but I can't figure out how to bring that copy over to the live site. Can anyone help me move that menu to the live site or suggest a way to duplicate the menu in the testing site back on the live site without having to reload the backup and lose updates that I have done? The live site is www.highbridge.org and the testing site is identified by a series of numbers, which I can't put here because I get an invalid link error message and I don't know how to wrap the address in a code block. Thanks in advance!

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