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I have to update the information of 1500 members of my clients Wordpress site. I'm using a membership to manage paidd subscriptions and I have to update the custom fields generated by this Plugin.

I have looked in the MySQL database and found the following meta keys in the wp_usermeta table:

paypal_user, paypal_status, paypal_custom_fields

Pyapal_user and paypal_custom_fields have a several bits of information in each one that need updating.

I know how to import to MySQL using a CSV, but I'm not too sure how to set the data out in the CSV file as I'm not to familiar with MySQL.

Would anyone know?

Thanks in advance.

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As far as I know there is nothing native in WP to parse CSV files and stuffing this into database directly doesn't seem like a good idea either.

  1. You can parse your CSV with PHP, see fgetcsv() for starters.

  2. Then use update_user_meta() to create those values.

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You should write a custom importer and register the custom fields before the import if WP doesn’t know them.

I’ve written an importer for a CSV table with user data and custom user meta fields some time ago. It is quite old and all messages are in German – but it is still working. If you need just an example, I could put it online despite its embarrassing quality.

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