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I am trying to modify the Member Status Plugin so that the status are based on the data saved on a custom database table.

Basically I wanted to change the administration menu with a form that can manually update the data saved in the database.

I noticed the current form is pointing to /wp-admin/options.php but im very new to WP (2 days) and not sure why it is so.

How can I direct the form to pass it to the plugin instead so I can update the data on the table?

I am assuming once I can do that I can only use AJAX to do the same thing, am I right on this?

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It points to options.php because it uses the Settings API. Well, not completely, but that’s not the point now. You should not change that.

What you can do, to add your own logic: hook into the save process for that option:

add_filter( "sanitize_option_webweb-member-status-group", "your_extra_handler" );

function your_extra_handler( $input )
    if ( isset ( $_POST['your_extra_post_field'] ) )
        // do something awesome

    return $input; // don’t touch that value
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