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I am building a front-end post edit / create form. The form uses an auto suggest for taxonomy, powered by built in suggest script & the ajax-tag-search action. The script is working fine, but I am bit confused on the processing.

This is the JavaScript function:

        multipleSep: ","

The auto suggest outputs the term name only, just like the one on /wp-admin/.

This is how currently I save the term.

  1. Check if a value is submitted
  2. Check if the submitted value is a valid term
  3. If yes, get the term object
  4. If it is different than the previous value, set as object term.

    if ( isset($_POST['sponsorship-term']) && $_POST['sponsorship-term'] != '') {
        // check if it is a legit term
        $new_term = get_term_by( 'name', $_POST['sponsorship-term'], 'sponsorship-term');
        if (!$new_term) {
            $result['type'] = 'error';
            $result['message'] = 'Sponsorship is not registered';
            ajax_response($result,$return); // this is a function to set the response value
        // update term
        $old_sponsorship = wp_get_object_terms($lot_id, 'sponsorship-term');
        if ($old_sponsorship->term_id != $new_term->term_id) {
            $change = wp_set_object_terms($lot_id, intval($new_term->term_id), 'sponsorship-term',FALSE );
            if (is_wp_error( $change )) {
                wp_die( 'Error saving term.' );

The process works fine, but I'm curious about how they do it in the wp-admin.


How can I make the process more efficient?

Is there a built in function to do that?

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