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I am trying to programmatically set the 'page_on_front' option with the id value retrieved from the get_page_by_title command...

$homepage = get_page_by_title( 'Front Page' );
update_option('page_on_front', $homepage);
update_option('show_on_front', 'page');

This isn't working, can anyone help?

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get_page_by_title() returns an object.

Use $homepage->ID.

You should also check if you really got a usable return value:

$homepage = get_page_by_title( 'Front Page' );

if ( $homepage )
    update_option( 'page_on_front', $homepage->ID );
    update_option( 'show_on_front', 'page' );
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It had to be something obvious :) Thanks for the heads up – fightstarr20 Apr 16 '13 at 18:26

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