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This wordpress site I'm touching up has a page hierarchy which is responsible for the urls.

Basically the urls look like page1/subpage/subsubpage etc.

The problem is, this site is for a recurring competition and therefore the urls are like 2011/results 2012/results 2013/results

Which wordpress in turn makes 2011/results 2012/results-1 2013/results-2

Which doesn't look that great..

Is it possible to mod_rewrite or something to work around this? I understand the need in Wordpress for unique slugs but I really can't see why they enforce it even when it's impossible to get duplicate urls for different pages...

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I use the Custom Permalinks plugin for Wordpress. With it, you can choose the permalink of each post/page individually. It is great for situations like yours where you want to fine tune the URLs in some corner cases.

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Looks about right! Thanks! – Alexander Kuzmin Apr 25 '13 at 9:19

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