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I am using the Dynamix WP theme. I have three images displaying in a loop with fade effect. The images continue to fade from one to other. However I would like to stop this effect once all images have shown. i.e on page load three images will fade from one to other and then stop.

How can I achieve this? Is there something I can add to the shortcode to do this?

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You can't, Dynamix WP theme uses piecemaker.swf to run its slide show and by looking at the documentation you can see that they don't have a none loop setting.

your best bet is to try to replace it with a different flash viewer that has a none loop option like CU3ER image rotator which i know can work great with nextgen gallery plugin for easy modifications.

Hope this helps

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Ok thank you. I don't think I can use a different gallery pligin because i am using the dynamix gallery throughout the site. I only want the loop to stop on the home page. I have found if i use a second gallery they all stop working! Thanks anyway. – user3242 Feb 17 '11 at 13:24

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