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I have a buddypress/bbpress website that also has multiple additional custom post types. After adding each new custom post type I would update permalink settings to correct the 404 not found occuring with that post type. However this would not work unless I deactivated buddypress first then updated permalinks then reactivated buddypress. I am almost doen with the website and one page that displays the "classifieds custom post type creatded by WPMU Dev "classifieds" plugin is still 404ing. The "My Classified" page works along with individual classifieds. All other pages work. If I set wordpress permalinks to default then the page works.

Has any one lese heard of .htaccess problems with only one page in wordpress?

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Hello there Leon, What is the slug of that page? Perhaps there is a conflict there... Have you tried changing it and test if that helps? Cheers, Ari. – WPMU-DEV Ari Apr 18 '13 at 13:45
Thanks Ari. Yes I did try that. I discovered that as long as there is one classified posted then the problem does not happen. There most likely will always be at least one so this is fine. I have run into an even bigger problem of it not charging to post a classified. I have a support ticket open at premium.wpmudev.org. unfortunately it seems to be taking an extra long time to resolve. – Leon Francis Shelhamer Apr 19 '13 at 18:10

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