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I am trying to wrap a around the first word of multiple word widget titles. I have used the answer from here:


and adjusted it to look like:

function add_label_to_post_title( $title = '' ) {
    $ARR_title = explode(" ", $title);

    if(sizeof($ARR_title) > 1 ) {
        $first_word = "<span>".$ARR_title['0']."</span> ";
        return $first_word. implode(" ", $ARR_title);
    } else {
        return $title;

add_filter( 'widget_title', 'add_label_to_post_title' );
add_filter( 'the_title', 'add_label_to_post_title' );

and it works great on two word titles. However 3 or more word titles are not affected.

I tried modifying the code with:

preg_replace('/(?<=\>)\b\w*\b|^\w*\b/', '<span>$0</span>', $string);

from here:


and had the same result, works great on two word titles but three or more are not affected. Does anyone have any idea why?

I am also using this for:


And it works xactly as expected. Also if I use:

echo add_label_to_post_title('any multiple word string with more than two words');

it also works exactly as expected.

I tried using:

add_filter('widget_title', my_title);

function my_title($title) {
// Cut the title to 2 parts
$title_parts = explode(' ', $title, 2);

// Throw first word inside a span
$title = '<span class="my_class">'.$title_parts[0].'</span>';

// Add the remaining words if any
    $title .= ' '.$title_parts[1];

return $title;

from Insert a span inside widget title to give a different color to the second word and I had the same result, it worked for up to 2 word strings but 3 or more words it does not work.

Does any one know what it is about the:


that is making this function act funny?

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You should check out the filters assigned to widget_title

    global $wp_filter;
    printf('<h2>Debug:</h2><pre>%s</pre>',print_r( $wp_filter['widget_title'],true));

to see if there is anything unusual.

Also try the Twenty Twelve theme (I don't see this behaviour there) and deactive all plugins.

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