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I moved my site from hosting provider A and domain name B to hosting provider X and domain name Y. I had Wordfence in the old site. I just installed it in the new site and ran a scan. Wordfence found the following change in wp-admin/includes/upgrade.php :

279    @wp_mail($email, __('New WordPress Site'), $message); 


279    //@wp_mail($email, __('New WordPress Site'), $message);

Anybody knows is this indicates some hack or security issue?

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Search the Trac for these kinds of core changes:

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Same. It happens when you do a move. All of mine came back with that pick up along with edits to the version.php file and a change in DNS settings. You are ok.

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I just came across this also. According to WordFence,

It looks like someone disabled email sending in that file. It doesn’t look malicious.

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