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I am working with a recipes blog and I use custom meta boxes.

$food_box = array(
    'id' => 'foodbox',
    'title' => __('Ingredients details','splus'),
    'page' => 'recipes',
    'context' => 'normal',
    'priority' => 'high',
    'fields' => array(),);
$arr = array ( 'name' => '-', 'desc' => '-', 'id' => '-','type' => 'text', 'std' => '');
add_action('admin_menu', 'mytheme_add_box');  // Add meta box

function mytheme_add_box() {
    global $meta_box;
    global $food_box;
    global $test_box;

Acoording to recipe ingredients are devided to sets of food and the same food item can be present 2 time in one recipe (for example, 200gr sugar for dough and 50 gr for stuff). To combine two taxonomies (food items and food sets) I created custom table and I add fileds $food_box['fields'][] = $arr; from this table by next code:

foreach ( $terms as $term ) { // show tabs content for foodset
    $s = ($i==1) ? ' ': ' style="display: none;"';
    echo '<div id="set-'.$term->term_id .'" class="tabs-panel"' . $s . '>';
        echo '<ul id="set2-checklist" class="categorychecklist form-no-clear" >';
            echo '<table id="food_data_table_header" class="form-table" border="0" align="left">';
            echo '<tr>';   //show header
                echo '<td style="width: 50%" >  <span>FoodSet</span>        </td>';
                echo '<td style="width: 50%" >  <span>FoodId</span>     </td>';
                echo '<td style="width:100%" >  <span>Description</span>    </td>';
                echo '<td style="width: 50%" >  <span>FoodUnit</span>       </td>';
                echo '<td style="width: 50%" >  <span>Quantity</span>       </td>';
                echo '<td style="width: 50%" >  <span>Order</span>      </td>';
                echo '<td style="width:100%" >  <span>Comment</span>        </td>';
            echo '</tr>';
            foreach ( $foods as $food ) {       //show data
                $food_row = $wpdb->get_row($wpdb->prepare(
                    "SELECT rf.post_id, rf.foodset_id, rf.food_id, tt1.description, rf.food_unit, rf.quantity, rf.food_order, rf.food_comment
                       FROM $wpdb->term_taxonomy tt1 JOIN $wpdb->recipefood rf ON rf.food_id = tt1.term_id
                      WHERE (rf.post_id=".$post_id.") AND (rf.foodset_id=".$term->term_id.") AND (rf.food_id=".$food->term_id.")"));
                $food_set = $term->term_id;
                $food_id = $food->term_id;
                $id = $food_set . '-' . $food_id;
                $food_name = $food_row->description;

    echo '<tr>';
    echo '<td>',$food_set,'</td>';
    echo '<td>',$food_id,'</td>';
    echo '<td>',$food_name,'</td>';
    $fls = array ('food_unit','quantity','food_order','food_comment');
    foreach ($fls as $fl) {
        switch ($fl) {
        case 'food_unit':
        $def_val = $def_unit; break;
        case 'quantity':
        $def_val = $def_qty; break;
        case 'food_order':
        $def_val = '1'; break;
        case 'food_comment':
        $def_val = 'comment'; break;
    $meta = ($food_row->$fl == '') ? $def_val : $food_row->$fl;
    $arr = array ( 'name' => $fl.'-'. $id, 'desc' => $fl.'-'. $id, 'id' => $fl.'-'. $id,'type' => 'text', 'std' => $meta);
    $food_box['fields'][] = $arr; //add new field to array
    echo '<td>','<input type="text" name="'.$fl.'-'.$id. '" id="'.$fl.'-'.$id.'" value="',$meta , '" style="width: 50%"/>', '</td>';
    // $meta ? $meta : $food_box[$fl.'-'.$id]['std']
echo '</tr>';

But unfortunately I can not save my updated data as $_POST['quantity-708-481'] is empty and not defined in

add_action('save_post', 'mytheme_save_data');   // Save recipe post from meta box
function mytheme_save_data($post_id) {
        global $meta_box, $food_box;
        $wpdb->update( $wpdb->recipefood,
        array( //set
            'food_comment' =>  $_POST['quantity-708-481']
        ), array( //where
            'post_id' => '1',
            'foodset_id' => '822',
            'food_id' => '484'

In other words, the field is added in meta box but not visible during saving. Any suggestion are more than welcomed.

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All those $fl.'-'. $id are quite confusing... Compare the HTML with the output of var_dump($_POST);die(); inside the function mytheme_save_data. I'm voting to close as too-localized as this looks too much to a wrong var names problem and debugging all this is a task for you. – brasofilo Apr 12 '13 at 22:18
If you're not hard-coding the id when you output, you shouldn't hard-code it when you're saving as well. – montrealist Apr 12 '13 at 22:18
I added code to show fields 'quantity-708-481', 'food_comment-708-481' etc. – Petro Apr 13 '13 at 22:51

$fl is 'quantity', but from your code snippet it is not clear what $id is set to. I think it is something like 481 or 708. So name="'.$fl.'-'.$id. '" will result in quantity-481 or quantity-708 and not quantity-708-481.

Check the HTML of your metabox if the name is what you expect (use something like FireBug in FireFox or the Developer Tools in Chrome).

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I have added more code before to clarify that quantity-708-481 or quantity-822-484 is created right. More over, when I echo $field['std'] for $field['id'] == 'quantity-822-484' in the meta box after initialization, I receive correct data from database. So, as I understand fields of meta box are added and I filled. echo count ($food_box['fields']); shows correct number during editing but wrong after saving. – Petro Apr 13 '13 at 22:48
Did you use the Developer Tools in Chrome or FireBug in FireFox? When not, why? There is a function to inspect the sended POST and GET data. Another way to inspect what was send, add die( var_dump( $_POST, $_GET, $_REQUEST ) ); as first line in mytheme_save_data(). This will stop the saving and displaying what was sended. But my best guess is, your fomr fields are not inside the for element. Wrap your form fields with a <form> tag and set the method to POST. – Ralf912 Apr 14 '13 at 12:11
Ralf912, thanks for yourinput. I will try the first suggested method. The second is not clear for me - could you give more info about "method to POST"? – Petro Apr 15 '13 at 12:25

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