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Custom keywords don't get linked if words end with this letters : ä, ö, å

It works if those letters are inbetween. any idea how to fix this?

Custom Keywords :

  1. meäts, www.google.com - works
  2. tillhört, www.rediff.com - works
  3. Elektrobitissä, www.git.com - does not work
  4. tillhrtö, www.rediff.com - does not work

So out of the above keywords, 1 and 2 works. 3 and 4 does not work. If word ends with those special letters, word is not linked otherwise if letter appears in any position except last, it works.


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The author is using string functions for single-byte encodings:

$url = substr($line, $lastDelimiterPos + 1 );
$keywords = substr($line, 0, $lastDelimiterPos);

But in WordPress everything is encoded in UTF-8, a multi-byte encoding. So each time you have a character in your keywords that needs more than one byte, something gets lost.

File a bug report and ask the author to read this article. He will use the mbstring functions then. Probably. :)

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