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I'm using W3 Total Cache to host media attachments at Rackspace Cloud Files. I've got two servers running alongside one another with a load balancer.

Everything works fine on the front end, but in the Admin things are wonky. Images are uploaded fine, but manipulation and viewing is broken for some images, because W3TC fails to rewrite the image URLs in the Admin side of things. So if I go to Media, I see a bunch of broken images, when I view their URLs, they're pointing to my domain, rather than the Rackspace one.

How do I resolve this problem? I tried tracing the issue through the WordPress code, but it's been a couple years since I did any real WordPress development and I'm not familiar enough with things that it's apparent to me how to fix this.

Ideally I'd like to just upload an image and have it go directly to Rackspace. I'd even prefer that the local copy not be stored to save me on some storage costs. I understand why W3TC isn't set up like that, but I was surprised to see that viewing images in the admin didn't work properly and that I had so many problems with editing images (because the source wasn't there!)

Thanks for any help.

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I found two good things I can do:

  1. Host wp-admin on a single server, as suggested by Mark Jaquith here.
  2. Since the servers are on Rackspace, I also want to look into their Cloud Fuse system. Has anyone used this in the past?

I'll update once I have a working solution.

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