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I can find some little example on using multiple checkboxes, but no one about using a single checkbox in a wpalchemy metabox. Anyone can help me please?

No docs about this topic on the wpalchemy site..

Thank you

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WP Alchemy comes with example files that show the usage of virtually all field types;


<?php $mb->the_field('cb_single'); ?>
<input type="checkbox" name="<?php $mb->the_name(); ?>" value="abc"<?php $mb->the_checkbox_state('abc'); ?>/>


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I already tried this approach but didn't work. I'll try again. But also some WPAlchemy_MetaBox class undocumented methods seems to be useful for this and don't work or I'm not able to make them work for some reason. For example, the_checkbox_state, get_the_checkbox_state and is_selected don't work properly in my context. Don't know. Also I'd really like to understand what some constants are used for. For example: WPALCHEMY_FIELD_HINT_CHECKBOX and WPALCHEMY_FIELD_HINT_CHECKBOX_MULTI – Stratboy Apr 12 '13 at 8:38

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