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I'm using the WP e-Commerce plugin (Version on Wordpress Version 3.5.1.

I have created several products (shirts). They all have variations for "Size" (XS to 6XL). The variations are displayed in alphabetical order but I want them in logical order, XS, S, M, L, etc.

I've installed the Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order plugin (Version 1.3.0). I'm able to see my "Size" variations from the "Taxonomy Order" screen. I ordered them the way I want them to appear.

On the add/edit product page, in the Variations panel, on the "Setup" tab, I see the variations for "Size" and they're listed in order I defined on the Taxonomy Order screen. After I select the variations and generate them, they're not in order anymore when I'm on the "Manage" tab.

The options are not in order when I'm trying to add the item to my cart. How do I get them to display in the proper order?

I don't have any WPEC templates in my theme, and I've flushed the theme cache from the WPEC settings page.

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You can easily sort the variations order by going to the 'Products' => 'Variations' page. From there simple drag and drop the variations in the order that you'd like them to be displayed.

No need for a plugin.

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