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Is it possible to change the admin look and feel for just one particular type of user or a group of users.

This is not a major requirement for what I am doing at present but a nice to have feature. Just wanted to know if it is possible.

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Looks like an almost duplicate of Back End Interface Plugin.

In toscho's Answer, you'd only need to add a verification for your user's role:

if( current_user_can( 'custom_capability' ) )
    $settings = new stdClass;
    // etc

The plugin MP6, which explores the future core interface, uses a similar approach and enforces the Admin Color Scheme with the filter get_user_option_admin_color.

And, I just saw that MP6 uses bits (not sure how much) of toscho's Clean Admin, another cool theme for the dashboard.

Just like the first example, both plugins can be adapted to use a conditional admin theme based on the user role.

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Well, looks like @toscho is all over the place in regards to admin themes. We are just a bunch of lucky bastards to have him aboard in WordPress Development :o) – brasofilo Apr 7 '13 at 4:22

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