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Recently, I use a free responsive themes from designwall.com named wallpress (http://www.designwall.com/wordpress-theme/wallpress/).

I'm a wordpress beginner, so there are several stuffs I still don't understand about it. I try to create a news website, and I have changed the homepage with a page.

I want to add some plugins/widgets on that page, like recent posts per category, featured posts slideshow and etc, but with the wallpress responsiveness.

I found out about widgetizing a page, but is it the best way? or should I hardcode it?

I hope I can do it with plugin/widget (not hardcode) because it is easier.


maybe something like http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/, but with wallpress responsiveness.

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Please have a look at the FAQ Kiddo, thanks. –  Wyck Apr 4 '13 at 4:03
what's wrong with the question? –  Kiddo Apr 4 '13 at 4:57
@Wyck From our FAQ: Add comments indicating what, specifically, is wrong. –  toscho Apr 4 '13 at 5:36

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