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I have a custom post type 'books' which I store different custom fields of information about books.

I want to use posts and link the posts I write (in categories such as news, or offers) to the books.

For example, when the user is viewing the book information page, I want to be able to display all the posts in news category related to that book.

I was able to do this using a custom field and assigning the book id to the news. But what if I have a news that's related to a lot of books?

Is there any way to file all the Custom Post titles to a taxonomy? What's the best way to do this?

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Try Posts to Posts Plugin

This plugin allows you to create many-to-many relationships between posts of any type: post, page, custom etc. A few example use cases:

  • manually curated lists of related posts
  • post series
  • products connected to retailers
  • etc.

Additionally, you can create many-to-many relationships between posts and users. So, you could also implement:

  • favorite posts of users
  • multiple authors per post
  • etc.
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Creating these links and displaying them on any desired page with a widget or shortcode can be easily done with a plugin called Sub Posts. It's not a free plugin, but it will do exactly what you're asking. You can find more information at www.subposts.com

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