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Is there a simple way to merge two wp_posts tables while avoiding duplicates?

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Short answer: "Yes, that is possible." For an answer that also answers the implied "How?" you will need to supply more information. Where is the second table right now (in a file, in the same DB under a different name)? How do you plan on identifying "duplicates"? – Johannes Pille Mar 31 '13 at 11:29
The second DB is in a .sql file. I plan to identify duplicates with the 'post_content' field. – drake035 Mar 31 '13 at 13:02

Import the new table as wp_posts_2, then join them and delete all duplicates based on post_content; then merge the two tables.

The following SQL query (untested!) should give the posts from the new table to be deleted:

SELECT wp2.* FROM wp_posts_2 as wp2 LEFT JOIN wp_posts as wp ON wp2.post_content = wp.post_content WHERE wp2.post_content = wp.post_content

So, you can delete the entries with this query (also untested):

DELETE wp_posts_2.* LEFT JOIN wp_posts as wp ON wp_posts_2.post_content = wp.post_content WHERE wp_posts_2.post_content = wp.post_content

Then merge the two tables.

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